Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No texting during the meeting, please!

The Rapid City Council voted in a new City Ordinance banning... being rude to each other and the public:
The use of computer and cell phone communications during meetings has been a concern of several council members. They felt the technology was being used inappropriately by other members asking for votes or support on issues being discussed during meetings. A few also felt members engaging in the activity were essentially short-changing the public who come to meetings to hear elected officials discuss issues.
I thought this seemed a little draconian, until I read this:
“I think we can police ourselves. Start the meeting and say, ‘Turn off all phones, no IM,’” LaCroix said.

But asking people not to do IM was tried unsuccessfully in the past. Alderman Deb Hadcock said an ordinance would not have been needed if the honor system worked.
Like teenagers that don't get it, apparently some of the City Council members didn't either when they were asked to knock it off.

You abuse it, you lose it. Good call, Council!

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