Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome to Patti Martinson!

Patti Martinson did it!

The RCJ has the story...

As a reminder here were the June 3 Ward 1 results:
Craig Kirsch  .  .  .   653   27.53
Tom Johnson. . . . 1,003 42.28
Patti Martinson . . 716 30.19
According to the RCJ, here's how it came out today
Tom Johnson.  .  .      400   46.24
Patti Martinson . . 465 53.76

Johnson for his part, was very sportsmanlike about it, I think:
"People in Ward 1 were obviously looking for a change, and that's OK," Johnson said. "I had an opportunity to serve 14 years on the council and accomplished a lot that I wanted to do. I appreciated the opportunity."
Maybe being voted off before and coming back has given him a long view perspective?

Many thanks are due to Tom for his many years of fine service to Robbinsdale.

Patti, we're looking forward to a new voice on City Council! Stock up on the Vivarin, those council meetings can get looong! But you have to stay awake because while you're not looking they'll buy a 25 million dollar hockey rink, or give away massive amounts of tax money to corporations that will depress wages further... or approve an eyesore high-rise downtown... so keep your eyes open, who knows what they may try to pull next.

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