Monday, May 26, 2008

The South Dakota Family Policy Council is CONCERNED

It's important to note that this email went out this weekend to the SDFPC core mailing list, and is not available on their website.

The tone of this email is instructive and encouraging... calls to arms against vulnerable minority South Dakotans to make political points just doesn't have the traction it used to, I guess....
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Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2008 6:50 PM
Subject: June 3rd Primary: BE INFORMED! Lead your church to vote Biblical values.

South Dakota Family Policy Council
Voter Guide and Voter Registration Updates

The June 3rd Primary - 10 Days Away!
  • That's just 2 Sundays to distribute this information to church members!

This year the Pro-homosexual, Pro-abortion Lobby Groups are working hard to gain influence in the South Dakota State Legislature.

  • Primary Elections are important to every interest group.
  • Values Voters must support traditional family values.
  • Please note: Party affiliation is not an indicator of a candidate's value system. Our responsibility is to know which candidates most closely align with our Biblical Christian Worldview, and support them.
  • Equality South Dakota, a pro-homosexual rights lobby group, is offering $$ financial support to those candidates that support their views on homosexual-rights legislation.

Note: Forward this important information to your family and friends.

Please pray and then vote for those candidates that most closely align with your values.

God's blessings on you.

Voter Guides are ready to be viewed!!

You can view the Voter Guide by going to our website and clicking on the Voter Guide-2008 Primary tab on the left hand side.

Paid for by South Dakota Family Policy Council

I hear the anti-homophobia and anti-government control of our lives folks are out in force too.

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