Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Vote Yes For Government Control

Northern Plains Anglicans is thriled that VoteYesForLife turned in 46,000 signatures for their new improved effort to have the government monitor your families medical decisions. And we wonder why young people leave the Church and our fine state.

He titled the post BREAKING - South Dakota Pro-Life initiative has needed signatures for November ballot!

Breaking is right. My heart is breaking.

People that argue against abortion have made me think, and would have a lot more respect from me if they did more to denounce violence against doctors, and prevent unintended pregnancy. I hope this year engages us in more understanding and battle. I simply don't think we are up to another year like 2006.

My comment to his post:
I praise God that that in this country you have the right to be politically active and yet keep your tax-deductible status, even if I couldn't disagree with you more.

Dear Lord, we pray for the families and communities in South Dakota that must navigate another season of division and heartache over this issue. May we all approach the political process with humility, working with passion AND compassion through the 2008 political process, with respect and understanding for those with whom we disagree.

May the peace of Jesus Christ, which passes all understanding, be present with us all.


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