Monday, April 28, 2008

Record Dem registrations

This is the benefit of the Hillary - Obama contest going on this long. (WaPo)

In the end, it will help the entire Nation push back from 25 years of nonsense, here in South Dakota and across the nation.

Go out there in Pennington County and register Dems!!


  1. An ex-felon who needs health insurance (felons cannot vote.), followed by a high school student seeking empowerment (too young to vote, you must be 18), followed by a Marine Corps veteran who wants to prevent his country from crumbling. So, we got one out of three who wanted to vote. The whole article seems to be a waste of time.

  2. Not to burst your bubble, but felons can vote in South Dakota, once they have served their time.

    I shouldn't be too surprised you hadn't looked it up. I suggest you look up some info on GLBT folk too, since you seem to be lacking some education in that area too.

    BTW letting felons vote after their sentence is done is just fine with me, since we seem to be anxious to make everything a felony these days.

  3. Besides providing you the opportunity to espew your superior education, the story was a national story not a regional one. The simple fact that felons can vote in South Dakota makes no difference since in the majority of states they cannot. Additionally, felons have a proven history of having made poor decisions. Why would you expect them to make a good decision when it came to voting?

    You have raised my curiosity. If your education is superior why have you not become more successful? I would think one would rise out of the ghetto of Robbinsdale over time as your educational level provided you with greater opportunity. Maybe you like being one with the people. :)

  4. Why would you expect [convicted felons] to make a good decision when it came to voting?

    First I see no reason to disenfranchise them because they made a mistake, or were wrongfully convicted, or were convicted as felons when their only crime was for instance trying to keep their family breadwinner out of jail by not ratting on them about a pot plant. You judge way too quickly. I consider it more likely that on many issues they have education that you and I lack and will make a more informed vote.

    Secondly, in our country, everyone that is able should have the right to vote, and you better have a good reason for disenfranchise someone besides whether you think they will "vote correctly."

    Who is the elitist here? The person that wants to include only the straight, law-abiding and the rest, or the one that wants to include as many people as possible?

    BTW I love Robbinsdale; we have more diversity here than probably any other neighborhood in Rapid City. Living here is good insurance against closing your mind.

  5. Disenfranchise? You have to be kidding. When the subject at hand, the felon, decided they were above the law, at that point they had disassociated themselves with the proper rules of society. This isn't like growing ones hair long. These are people who have committed, in most cases, a violent crime if they have served time. Someone convicted of a non-violent crime at the felony level has rarely not had previous convictions for other crime. The Sad Sack story you told of going to jail for not ratting someone out is absurd. Please site one case where this has occurred at the felony level. The law works better than you give it credit for. As far as diversity in Robbinsdale I'm sorry to break the news, but less than 7% are Native Americans, a Black population is nonexistent and you seem to be surrounded with simple white straight people. If you want diversity, move to North Rapid or the Base. Judging from your writings I am sure you truly care about the betterment of our nation and my bet would be that you do give of yourself to try and make a difference. Please understand, that there are others that may not see things as you do politically because of personal experience but we give also. Many times touching those who you are afraid to reach out too.

  6. Please understand, that there are others that may not see things as you do politically because of personal experience but we give also. Many times touching those who you are afraid to reach out too. [sic]

    Did I suggest that conservatives simply don't care?

    I think not. My grandmother was a Repub state legislator and firmly believed that government should not do for people what they should do for themselves. She felt that was more caring than handouts. And I agree, although from what I know about our social safety net is that it has a lot of holes.

    Be assured there many of us on the left whose passion is motivated by our OWN personal experience. Conservatives have no monopoly there, sorry.

    The left and right both need to speak and listen so we can work together to solve the problems before us. That's why I'm working hard to get some Dem state legislators in Pierre. We need to hear each other. One point of view, one set of experiences and beliefs is simply not enough.

  7. You are right. We do need to work together to help those who have fallen through out social safety net. Let's start together with helping the most helpless. The unborn.

  8. ... and the unwanted.

  9. You had to drag it back to being about you again. :)