Sunday, March 23, 2008

RR Caucuses in Pierre Saturday

I had the privilege of being one of the voting delegates for the Presidential Primary caucusing in Pierre on Saturday. It was a thrilling experience to see all the people excited about this Presidential election. Although the Mainstream Media seems to be hell-bent on predicting a slugfest that will "rip apart" the party, the Clinton and Obama people in Pierre were like the Clinton and Obama people I'm hearing from all over the county--we are excited to bring us back to a Federal government working an answers, not political battle--no matter who is selected in Denver -- even if it comes down to that. I don't think anyone will change their delegate commitment, but you can bet unity is going to be breathtaking after Denver.

Epp wasn't a delegate for Obama, but helped out by counting votes to keep it all fair. I will post a picture when I can (my hard disk died last weekend!).

South Dakota Watch posted the results of the delegate voting... The process is complicated, but there are rules... there will be a public vote for Democratic Voters in the South Dakota primary on June 2 which will include a box for Hillary and a box for Obama, listed with the elected delegates (listed by SD Watch) for each candidate. After that election, they will be chosen in proportion to the primary vote to vote in Denver. If you care, the Pennington County Dems have posted the details here.

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  1. I wasn't a delegate but I still had my man crush for the Man Crush. He's still dreamy.
    SD Watch