Thursday, March 6, 2008

California Supreme Court takes up marriage equality

Teng wedding party, courtesy of PlanetOut.comAs much as we'd like a slam-dunk for marriage equality from the CA Supreme Court, the state's strong civil union laws may cloud the issue a bit...or maybe bring the real issue, the basic human right to choose a partner that's best for you instead of someone James Dobson approves of and not be punished by it in housing, health benefits, etc. to the fore...

So I believe the content of this decision may be more important than the verdict...a well-written, thoughtful decision could really grease the wheels for a definitive Supreme Court decision for domestic and parental GLBT protection, which will come someday (I firmly believe it's when not if). Time is not on Jim Dobson's side.

South Dakota's Amendment C is Federally unconstitutional. It's just a matter of time (hopefully not a whole generation) until just a few more of us are ready to accept the truth that all families should be protected, whether you call it marriage or not.

Really, it's about real people doing their best to live right and with integrity and wholeness. Is that too much to ask?

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