Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bishop Ingham tells the truth

In the wake of the announcement of a "parallel church" of "persecuted Orthodox Anglicans" (big quotes) in Canada, the good Bishop said:
It has been the cry of every breakaway group that “we haven’t left them – they’ve left us.” Apart from the tiredness of the cliché, it is an attempt to avoid responsibility for personal choices. Every effort has been made, both in New Westminster and across the Anglican Church of Canada, to provide space for genuine differences of conviction on non-essential matters of faith. We have recognized the difficult place in which those of minority opinion find themselves (and there are several minorities, not just one) and have sought to foster mutual respect and mutual support.

The vast majority of conservative and traditional Anglicans in Canada understand and accept this, and will stay with their church. This is not, therefore, a conservative breakaway. It is a decision to leave by those who feel uncomfortable with reasonable accommodation within the Body of Christ.

More details and commentary at Inch At A Time.

(By the way congrats to Susan for having your son home for Thankgiving from Iraq. What a wonderful blessing for your family!)

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  1. An Inch at a Time is a great blog. I just discovered it recently.

    Despite being an athiest, I am always saddened when there is more breaking away by churches or groups over a single issue. Faith is supposed to bring people together, not drive them apart.