Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why is Roger Hunt's case still important?

There are those that feel the 2006 election is over, and asking the question "why won't people just drop this."

An excellent post describing exactly why our Republican AG and Sec of State still care has been posted on Daily Kos. This isn't about abortion, it isn't about party... it's about transparency--a critical need if our democracy will have any relevance, especially when for-profit media exposure is a critical part of political success...
Who is it? Maybe it's Hyperion. Or the people making the oil pipeline. Or maybe its someone who doesn't like abortion and isn't malicious at all. The point is that the public's faith in the system is undermined because of this. So the attorney general pressed charges to force them to disclose.
This could go both ways -- these underhanded tactics could just as well be used against Republicans, with similar corrosive effects to the public trust.

I'm hoping someone will just leak the answer. It would sure save us all a lot of taxpayer money.

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