Monday, October 1, 2007

Black Hills AIDS Walk a success!

Even with all the other (great) events going on last Saturday, the Black Hills AIDS Walk was a huge success--100 walkers; and more than $2000 raised. It looks like we may have done even better than the one held in Sioux Falls for several years.

Too bad neither the RCJ or the RC Weekly News have done a post-AIDS Walk story that I can find. I hope they step forward soon, as I think it's pretty newsworthy that the first walk finished so string!

There's was a story in the Argus Leader about the Sioux Falls edition of the 2007 AIDS walk (held the same day in East River) that lays out the basics of what the whole enterprise was about.

More on the Black Hills walk can be read here.

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  1. Nick09:35

    I was there with the Job Corps students. It was great fun. I enjoyed the music, snacks, and even donated $10, which got me a T-shirt. I hope to do it again next year!