Thursday, September 13, 2007

You can say that again

Tonight, Sen. Jack Reid, in the Dem response to the President's excruciating call to "stick it out" another year in Iraq, said:
Democrats and Republicans in Congress and throughout the nation cannot and must not stand idly by while our interests throughout the world are undermined and our armed forces are stretched toward the breaking point.
No kidding. Here's a local version of this call to action, based on our State's issues:
Dem's and Rep's in the Legislature and throughout this State cannot and must not stand idly by while our state loses credibility around the country as a place where "conservative" demagoguery and division are more powerful than common sense. We must take action while our families and communities are stretched and torn by those who arrogantly and cravenly get their way by excluding and marginalizing everyone who disagrees with them.
Let's hope the 2007 Legislature doesn't sit idly by if the arrogant decide to "hold court" again as they did in 2004-5. If they try, we must not let them.

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