Thursday, September 13, 2007

Words of hope

Sure, the President has me pretty livid from his rhetoric tonight. Is he fooling anyone any more?

But Jessica Radack has some words of peace from her faith tradition:
I have made you a covenant people,
a light to the nations:
to open blind eyes,
to bring captives out of prison,
and those who sit in darkness from their dungeons.

This should be read not only as a message to Jews, but to all Americans. Sorry to wax religious on everyone, especially since religion has been used to justify so much bad as of late, but the Bushies don't corner the market on G-d.

May we lie down this night in peace, and rise up to life renewed. May night spread over us a shelter of peace, of quiet and claim, the blessing of rest.

There will come a time when morning will bring no word of war or anguish; there will come d day of happiness, of contentment and peace.

Praised be the source of joy within us, for the night and its rest, for the promise of peace.

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