Thursday, August 9, 2007

SD Family Policy Council wants control...

of what you see, what you hear, and what you do. Yes, they still do.

I agree with folks like Dale Bartcher that pornography may objectify women, lead to immoral behavior, and generally be unhealthy for society. You are what you eat, so to speak. But in my opinion sex-related media and business especially destructive and loses any of its possible value when it is covered in a cloak of secrecy and shame. (That's why internet pornography is such a scary thing.)

Do-gooder efforts like the current initiative (reported by the Argus Leader yesterday) by the SD Family Policy Council only drives pornography underground, where it can do far more damage than in the light of day.

If only we could direct this energy to talk to our kids and the community about medically and spiritually healthy approaches to sexual issues, instead of trying to hide the reality that people, uh, LIKE, pornography, from view.


I just hope our response in the coming election season to these people (both Republicans and Dems) who have been working on social engineering through the law, is to engage in a conversation about how their efforts to "clean up" our communities, restricting family planning services, and hiding information about sex from kids may do far more harm than good. It's time for people who promote these policies to answer for the tragic failures.

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