Monday, July 2, 2007

Push polling for 2008 has officially begun

From a dear friend in Aberdeen a preview of things to come...
There were about 6 very leading questions regarding my stance on whether I would support a number of amendments to the constitution in 2008 dealing with abortion, marriage and adoption of children. A number of loaded questions were asked something like this "Would you vote for an amendment that would limit adoption of children only in the case of a married man and woman and not allow adoption by pedophiles, polygamists, homosexuals, bigamists and various criminals" among others which I can't quite remember but LGBT people were grouped with the creeps of society.

Another amendment question would prohibit underage children from making decisions without parental consent. Questions were asked regarding the prevention of abortion for "birth control" purposes.

The only question that seemed somewhat legitimate pertained to removing term limits of legislators.

At the end of the call I asked the interviewer who was conducting the survey and she said she was employed by a survey agency out of New York. She didn't know or couldn't tell me the group who wrote the questions but it was obvious to me that these questions were from a group that is already beginning to plant in peoples minds the importance of further restriction against anyone with liberal stances on social issues.
Gentlemen... start your auto-dialers!

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