Saturday, July 28, 2007

Christians suing Christians

Rev. Mark Harris has posted some ideas about the Episcopal Church property disputes, where members of the Church that find they can't stay there want to leave (which is fine with me, go in peace and serve God is my feeling about that), but also take church property with them. Harris says:
So why all the fuss about Christians suing Christians? Well, the answer is simple. The object of the fuss is to make the various dioceses of the Episcopal Church who have entered into civil action against groups who wish not only to leave the church but take the silver feel guilty, and particularly guilty as concerns an understanding of Scripture. The fuss gets nicely packaged as the good guys – those who are true believers against the bad guys – those who consistently misuse Scripture. The accusation of scandal and unscriptural actions is invoked; they say, "See, The Episcopal Church, that terrible gang, is even taking us to court!- how unscriptural!" (Look, he's oppressing me!!" -- Monty Python and the Holy Grail -rr). Liberal and progressive Christians dislike the criticism that we are not too well versed or understanding of Scripture. The hope is that we will then back off.

I see no reason to give in to this ploy.

Scandal is real, but it is not the litigation that is the scandal (although there can indeed be scandalous litigation) it is the misery of schism that is the scandal....

It may be of some comfort to remember that the child in the burning building, or her family, are not particularly interested in the color of the firefighters who run in to save her, or their gender, or sexual preferences, or their class or caste, or whether or not they are suing the pants off one another, only that they work together at that far edge of their other agendas, focused on the child.
I just hope it doesn't come to that here in South Dakota, where I would hope we have more important things to do: feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the distressed. Unfortunately, there are (apparently) some so-called "Anglican" folk in these parts that feel that way... and claim "oppression" because the entire church is not stopping their many missions to sign up to their narrow point of view. This is actually an un-Anglican point of view, hence the quotes.

My hope and prayer is either they or the people around them will keep their eyes on the ball instead of being antsy for "a good fight." I honestly feel that our calling is to do something else than fight about the gay thing, so I hope they just give it a rest.


  1. What, you want to put us lawyers out of business? (grin)

    Even Episcopalian lawyers gotta eat!

  2. What, and cut out the lawyers? Even Episcopalian lawyers gotta eat! (grin)

    Go forth and sue no more!