Saturday, June 2, 2007

A call for compassion

Highly recommended new post on DailyKos: Why I Perform Abortions
I have never seen an abortion decision entered into lightly by anyone involved. The decision to have an abortion is most often made in the time of the first great personal moral crisis that ever faces a girl, a woman, her family and the people who love them. It is only those who stand outside and condemn the women and families who are faced with these dilemmas who take lightly the decisions made in these straits and trivialize the circumstances in which they are made.
A few of these harsh, arrogant "true believers" are yet seen flashing their lying signs some weekday mornings on Cathedral Drive in Rapid City. It's good to see them beaten back in the 2007 legislature. But we must keep fighting to make it politically expensive for Gordon Howie and Mike Buckingham (and Julie Bartling) to step on middle- and low-income women's health to further their careers. The free ticket on this issue must be recinded, especially with Roe in the balance.

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