Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rep. Gordon Howie pushes HB1293

This is unedited video from this morning's crackerbarrel at SDSMT in Rapid City. Rep. Howie claims that South Dakota voters are clamoring for the State to take over control of all pregnant women's bodies.

Our families are trusted to give their children firearms, but not to make their own medical decisions. Ya have to savor the irony of that.

The new abortion law, HB1293, sure has exceptions, but the exceptions are even more demeaning and hurtful to women than last year's all-out ban... for more details on this arrogant law, known around CHAD as "the Handmaid's tale law", visit visit Coat Hangers At Dawn.

HB1293 is being totally re-written and a new version will be presented tomorrow will be heard Monday morning in House State Affairs in Pierre. We're hoping the committee will choose to defer it for now, we've had enough in this state. Howie says it has a good chance of passing--we hope he's wrong. (About whether the bill could even reach the floor, we know he's absolutely wrong on the issue.)

Can you tell I'm kind of upset? I had some pretty strong words with Rep. Mike Buckingham and the spunky Jean French. They kind of looked at me with their calm "I'm so sorry with disagree" face. (French even told me she was sorry I felt that way. I told her that if she really was sorry she would urge everyone to stop this and give it a rest for a year.) Sorry, it's YOU trying to set the rules for MY life, not the other way around. The arrogant supposition that I should just let these laws be passed without a fight, in the interest of "getting along" is just a bit more than I can take. You're going to have to fight abortion in some other, more effective, compassionate way then your current strategy of encouraging illegal abortion and jailing doctors, I'm sorry.

By the way, sort of on-topic: My question at the Crackerbarrel this week was to Rep. Alan Hanks (R-Rapid City) mentioning his contention during the 2006 campaign that lots more happens than abortion in the Legislature--and that this year it looks like the Legislature is full steam ahead on divisive, unproductive legislation, and I include Buckingham's guns-for-tots bill in that group. Hanks' reply was to blame the media for over-covering these "moral" issue debates. Of course you can't follow up, at the crackerbarrel, so here is my response:
  1. The media has been strangely silent on the abortion legislation this year--its like it's under the radar. If it wasn't for groups like DIA and blogs like CHAD this awful legislation would be passed with no controversy--at least in committee.
  2. Mr. Hanks, I take exception to calling abortion and gays etc. as "the moral issues". Taxes, wages, education, and healthcare are moral issues too, and making progress on them is a stronger moral imperative (in my opinion) than fighting the "good fight" to force your particular ideas on others. At least the Bible told me so. You read different I guess.
Enough lies about Planned Parenthood, enough easy moral stands. Get to work on the moral stands that are more difficult and will really change things, like funding public schools, providing health care, and fairer taxes.

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  1. They have their talking points down, anyway. Phyllis Heineman (District 13) said nearly the exact same thing in Sioux Falls this morning.