Thursday, February 8, 2007

I Like Mike

Our wise, family-values Rep. Mike Buckingham (R-Bob Ellis, you must be proud-Rapid City) is working to grant 10-year-old [boys] the right to own and fire shotguns. In the article, he makes me so proud he is part of our Black Hills legislative delegation:
Buckingham said after the hearing that parents should decide when kids are ready to hunt. “Parents who care about their kids never make inappropriate decisions,” he said after the hearing.

Being a parent of three, (one of them a ten-year-old boy) it's a relief to hear that I can do no wrong. Thanks, Mike!


  1. I would venture he was probably being a little facetious.

    I learned to use a gun around that age, and I didn't kill anybody.

    Of course, back then, parents usually taught their kids about values and responsibility instead of letting them figure it out on their own, so maybe opponents of this legislation have a point.

  2. Facetious? I guess I don't get the joke.

    I'm just glad we dodged the bullet with the young Bob Ellis--I know a ten-year-old boy well and it's not time for him (or his friends) to fire a shotgun yet.

    It's all we can do to get him to brush his teeth very now and then, and understand the consequences of not doing homework... and about the value and fragility of life.

    Oh, for the good old days when parents taught "values." Shotgun weddings, illegal back alley abortions, and women and Indyuns knew their place. Those were the days alright.