Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A comment on 1293

I posted this in response on the RCJ story about 1293 but I felt it was worth repeating here:

Bill Harlan said, in the RCJ today: Abortion foes did not win every fight Wednesday.

Harlan is a very talented writer who doesn't often slip up by using such loaded language. Calling people who are for awful laws like HB1215 and 1293 "abortion foes" means that those that vote against these laws are not against abortion. That framing is a loaded gun in the hands of those that do not respect our Constitution and stifles the needed open debate that includes those that believe the only effective way to stop abortions is to stop unwanted pregnancies.

My wife and I believe life is sacred, which is why we oppose these terrible and useless laws in favor of ones that will actually ... uh, REDUCE abortions. Abortion bans and anti-abortion propaganda efforts (like the 44-point law killed today) do nothing but divide and piss people off. If they don't simply just cost the state court costs and never go into effect (likely) no abortions will be actually prevented. And in the unlikely case they win in court, the abortions will still happen, just in other states or here, illegally and at great risk to the health of women.

This is NOT the way, it may feel good and give Gordon Howie a thing to proud of, albeit a cheap win, a medal in a moral "belching contest" requiring no personal sacrifice. But it won't stop abortions, and will cause (literally) untold suffering. It's truly time to move on from this horrific waste of energy. If only we could harness the wind power emanating from these legislators that just don't know when to stop.

Senators, vote pro-family! Kill 1293!

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