Monday, February 19, 2007

Bob Ellis returns to the RCJ today

Bob Ellis again wastes space in the RC Journal today. He "takes on" objections to 1293.

Same loaded words, the same weak arguments.

Bob even misses the main constitutionality issue that's come up with 1293. Of course 1293 is wildly unconstitutional with respect to Roe v Wade. Doh, isn't that the whole point of these bans, to challenge Roe? But it's clear Bob hasn't been paying attention or doesn't understand the salient constitutional question this time around: can the Legislature require a statewide vote on anything that isn't a constitutional amendment?

This is my favorite gem of truthiness he loves to trot out:
Science has learned a lot since 1973.
Hard to argue with that. Too bad Ellis and his friends haven't, and are doing all they can to push back the whole friggin' Enlightenment.

A Few Things Science Has Learned since 1973

Humans are causing the earth's climate to change
Lesbian and Gay Parents Do Just Fine
  (Although James Dobson has been brazenly lying about this research)
People are definitely born gay
Minimum wage increases help people and stimulate the economy

Abortions do not increase the risk of clinical depression

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  1. bboobah00:19

    Here's a few more things to add to your list of what we now know (well, at least SOME of us know . . .)

    Homosexuals are not child molestors . . .

    There's no such thing as a Brontosaurus . . .

    Masturbation doesn't cause blindness . . .