Tuesday, January 9, 2007

John+ and Arnold

Sorry for the out of state digression, but as a proud Episcopalian, I must share this snippet from Sen. John+ Danforth. In the current issue of US News he tells the truth about the loud, but isolated "conservatives" in the Episcopal Church:
Q: Some of the same social issues have also proved problematic outside of politics, even in the Episcopal Church... Why has the issue of a gay bishop [in the Episcopal Church] been so divisive?

Danforth answers:
I think what's remarkable is not that some people are terribly upset about this within the church, but how relatively few they are.
He's absolutely right. The "conservatives" sowing discord in the Episcopal church are mostly getting a big yawn from most of us, and only patient tolerance from our excellent, smart, faithful, and FEMALE Presiding Bishop. Fr. John continues:
So I think most people, when they go to church, they simply go to church. They're not thinking about gays all the time. (emphasis mine)
I'm just so glad he finally, after years of alienation from his Party, now is being vindicated as Republicans fall over themselves to rejoin the reality-based world: for example, it seems to me that Gov. Arnold should just come to the "dahk side" and become a Dem after his California State of the State address today. He's for funding schools, alternative energy, acting on global warming, and universal health care.

Here in SD, the moderate Republicans are back in control in Pierre, and SD Healthy Families is reminding our legislators that they were absolutely wrong about their constituents when they said they were representing South Dakotans when they approved the harsh and brutal abortion law HB1215 last year.

The truth: Republicans are running from their old positions, and many of them, especially the conservative ones, totally flip-flopping like they haven't flip-flopped before. The tide hasn't only turned, it's coming in.

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