Sunday, January 7, 2007

France is still no help, but can you blame them?

I just had to share this.

The New York Times reports on the president of France's surprise criticism of GW Bush's Iraq policy:
PARIS, Jan. 5 — In a scathing attack of the American-led war in Iraq, President Jacques Chirac said Friday that his predictions that the war would spread chaos and more terrorism had come true.
Of course, yet another opinion for the Bush Administration to ignore.

Time for us all to understand that we are one great nation among others. Ironically, until the US foreign policy returns to that truth, we will not be able lead the world as we should.

On a local note, anti-war protests will begin (they've been off since the election) at noon on Fridays at the statue of Pres. Jimmy Carter downtown. Come support our brave soldiers by urging redeployment to missions where their amazing ability and sacrifices will better serve our national interest. See you there.

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