Friday, November 3, 2006

Elli demands Thune dance with who brung him

Attached is a email that was passed along to me. From what I've heard from those that have had to work with her, it sure rings true as a glimpse into Elli Schwiesow's other (hidden) political life when the camera is not running. Boy, her tone sure reminds me of Dr. James Dobson, who has been recently complaining that the Bush Administration isn't delivering on their promises to him and his homeboys.

I'm assuming this is the note thatKOTA was talking about today.
From: Ellie Schweisow []
Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 9:18 pm
Subject: RE: Senator Thuner - Now is the time to PUBLICLY, STAND FOR LIFE!

We would like a comprehensive statement such as this coming from our Senate John Thune. It needs to be in papers across SD on Sunday. It is also very important that Senator Thune be at Mr. Rushmore on Saturday standing with Dr. Dobson. The Christian community, across SD, that gave its heart and soul to electing John, two years ago is counting on our Senator to be a Statesman and come out publicly, standing strongly for LIFE. The fate of "Vote Yes" could be in Senator Thune's hand. He can not let us down. His weak position published over a month ago was noticed by all. Plead with our Senator to do what's right. Senator Thune - PUBLICLY, STAND FOR LIFE.

Ellie Schwiesow


  1. His weak position was noticed by ALL? Really? By ALL?? Funny, I didn't notice a weak position published. But then, I think his strong anti-choice position about abortion is pretty clear.

  2. Miss Ellie is what she accuses everyone else of - a one issue candidate.
    She represents her religion, not her constituency.
    Calling in a chit, huh?
    Well Good Luck, even Thune sees the divisiveness in this issue perpetrated by his backers.
    Ah, politics...what a joy and a bunch of liars.

  3. Bethany must be a "Thune-lover."

  4. Believe me, I know Beth pretty well, and a "Thune-lover" she definitely is not.

    What I loved is that today Dr. Dobson criticized Thune for playing the middle of the road.. Huh? I guess it depends on where you define the middle.

  5. foxgrandma,

    Oh dear. Either you are being sarcastic, or you completely misunderstood the point I was making.

    I find it interesting how these people are starting to eat their own now.