Wednesday, November 1, 2006

And.. ANOTHER reason to show at noon Wednesday

Minding Your Business South Dakota is using their huge national funding sources to bring one of the leading proponents of christianoid pseudo-science, formerly respected child psychologist and all around sanctimonious loudmouths on the planet right here to the Black Hills. That's right, none other than Dr. James Dobson is coming to town to rally the troops, with some help with his friends Alan Keyes and Rick Scarborough, to work overtime in the last few days in their holy work: to restrict our freedom and shred the intent of the Constitution. Where is this rally being held? At the Shrine Of Democracy, Mount Rushmore, of course.

Irony reigns again, here in that most ironic of places, Rapid City, South Dakota.

(Too bad Dr. Dobson is having a hard time fielding a crowd these days. Will they fill the amphitheatre, I wonder? Well, free food and free transport will help, I'm sure the best minds are on it. What I want to know is exactly who is paying for all this.)

Just another reason I fervently hope to see everyone that can possibly come tomorrow at 12 pm, 9th and St Joseph St, in Rapid City to tell Dr. Dobson that he's wasting a trip.

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