Sunday, November 5, 2006

Amendment C too close to call

Polling is showing the race on Amendment C is going to be very close. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of voter-ID on this one--many folks know more than they wanted to know about the abortion ban, but the "quasi-marital relationship ban" is a bit unknown to voters.

This is the message I hope all of us should share.

Tell the Legislature and the many special interests that have been secretly and not-so-secretly pouring money into our State:
- Stay away from our families: No on C
- Stay away from our medical decisions: No on Six
- Get working on the real issues: Vote Dem for Legislature


  1. Anonymous00:58

    Don't forget, 10 percent (or so) of the money that Healthy Families received was from out of state.

  2. Anonymous09:30

    Whoops....10 percent (or so) of the money Healthy Families received was from in state - the rest was from out of state. 65 percent of the Vote Yes funding came from in state. If the two are any indicator, "outside influences" are more heavily urging a no vote on referred law 6

  3. Mountain Queen08:55

    Now that it's over and Amendment C was passed, it's time to thank all those counties whose citizens "got it". Shannan, Dewey, Clay...many others. Natives and Students showed up as opposed on the high side this issue. The Future leaders and the traditional leaders of this state understood discrimination can't stand. And it won't. Ahead are more surprises from this Supreme Court than meets James Dobson's eye.