Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yes on Six violence escalates

Two women that were putting up signs in Indian Country had their house violated and vandalized, their windows broken, their lives unsettled. The Yes On Six people are showing themselves for who they are--Brownshirts in the cause of God.

I'm really understanding what a Republican I now recently said about these people, they are organized and passionate and disciplined in their politics. He said we've seen this before--in Europe. In 1933.

These extremists pushing this thing are people that feel like their voice has not been heard, and they have enemies they fear: the scientifically-based medical establishment, a secular society that values the freedom of the individual over what they see as the laws of God.

My wife and I were fortunate to receive nice notes from the Democrats for LIfe of South Dakota.
We know that many Democrats ask themselves "Am I the only one? Am I the only pro-life Democrat?"
I HATE THE TERM PRO-LIFE. These people are anti-freedom, and Democrats that don't see it are simply putting their heads in the sand. Do they not see that emergency contraception is next? Then birth control? Then other medical decisions, such as end-of-life ones? Is it not clear from what we've seen in the last 25 years?

The link for Democrats For Life that was in the letter was incorrect... some evidence that this letter came out in a hurry and probably wasn't even looked at by most of the Dems that voted for HB1215. I did look at the national Democrats For Life website and they are in favor of joining with people that don't agree with them to make abortion rare by making unwanted pregnancy rare. The extremists in South Dakota, and HB1215 with its dishonest use of EC as a "provision" are not in the same camp as Democrats For Life.

Even though, I simply don't trust the pro-life movement or any part of it. The letter does not address my fears as a Dem that this abortion law is the beginning, not an end. Why do people not see where this is going: the way of fascism, starting with the government deciding your access to medical care, where you can travel, what you can watch and read. All the ingredients are there for fascism: the fear, the enemy, the cause.
If fascism ever comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.
-- Upton Sinclair

As a American I fear the hostility to dissent and questioning. Far too many Dems do not see the raw, frightening energy of the reactionary fear of modern life to these people. At Canyon Lake UMC on Sunday night, I felt it. The moderator and the pastor did their best to keep the lid on things, but fear was palpable in the room. You could taste the fear and anger from the Yes For Life activists, in the scolding sanctimony of Rep. Don Van Etten, in the scornful tone of a young woman for the pastor of the United Methodist Church as he attempted explain to the closed ears in the room the UMC's balanced, ethical, science- and reality-based position on abortion. I felt horribly angry eyes on me when I questioned the presenter that if only 4 percent (doubtful) of South Dakota abortions were for non-convenience reasons, and why should the 4 percent or even one person, suffer because of this law and its denial that life what is true for a so-called "pro-lifer" isn't necessarily true for everyone. The fear that modern life is taking everything they know for sure away. It's the same fear that drives creation science in schools, that prevents adequate sex education, that keeps us from getting real about our relationship with our planet. Fifty-five percent of Americans believe in the Rapture.

Although it's likely RL6 will either go down or fail in court, even the US Supreme Court (after it bankrupts our state), I still fear what comes next. What will they try in the Legislature next year?

Don't you?

Shouldn't you?

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