Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bryce Healy gets more support

You may have heard of Bryce Healy, who's running for Commissioner of Schools and public lands. He's the incumbent and is doing a great job. I met him at the PenDem Oktoberfest this year and he's a really good guy that we really need to re-elect. Of course we need to also bring in Steve Kolbeck and Ron Volesky so he won't be quite so isolated in a sea of Republicans!! (I haven't met Ron, but I have met Steve Kolbeck. Kolbeck is an absolute live wire, passionate about both the technical and the public service aspects of the job, and I support him wholeheartedly.)

Bryce recently got a boost from an interesting group called The Campaign For a National Majority
Here is their press release:


Media contact: Daniel Rosenthal
Phone: 404.274.0595

Campaign for a National Majority Endorses Bryce Healy for Commissioner for School and Public Lands in the State of South Dakota

PIERRE (Sept. 28, 2006) ? As the highly contentious battle for control of Congress reaches its peak in the coming weeks, the futures of both parties are being decided to much less fanfare in smaller statewide executive races across the nation. In South Dakota, the race for Commissioner for School and Public Lands could very well produce the Democratic candidate for the 2010 gubernatorial election. Bryce Healy, the incumbent and a broadly popular Democrat in a very ?red? state, is seeking a second term managing the School Trust Fund that he grew over 11 percent during his first term and its 800,000+ acres of public land. On Monday, Campaign for a National Majority officially endorsed Mr. Healy in the 2006 South Dakota Commissioner for School and Public Lands race.

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