Tuesday, September 26, 2006

About Rapid City's Biggest Baby Shower Movie

Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center held "Rapid City's biggest baby shower," tonight.

From Dakota Voice:
Special guest Joyce Zounis, presenting the premier of the documentary "I Was Wrong." From the award winning producers at EO International TV comes a stirring documentary that captures the changed hearts of two women forever altered by abortion. Featuring Norma McCorvey, the "Roe" in Roe v. Wade, and Joyce Zounis who suffered from horrific guilt and great pain after destroying seven children to abortion. The spilled blood of many and the faithful prayers of strangers led to the transformations of Norma and Joyce's hearts. Joyce is not ashamed to join Norma in saying, "I Was Wrong."
(emphasis mine)

Good Lord, SEVEN abortions? I sure hope she knows that was wrong, If money was the issue, the real shame is that she didn't have access to reproductive services (you know, like, uh, birth control) at the local Planned Parenthood. Or maybe she had been told lies, that PP was an organization of "evil baby-killers for hire," and not the truth: PP is a dedicated compassionate provider of reproductive health care to all women, including those that cannot afford it.

Planned Parenthood has prevented abortions by actually doing something about it.
Instead of threatening violence or carrying bloody signs, or whining about sexual irresponsibility, PP has taken another path to prevent abortion. They, sometimes at risk their own safety, provide affordable women's health care, teach abstinence and sexual responsibility, and daily go to bat for women nationwide whenever their health is threatened by those that think they have the right to tell our spouses and daughters, and moms what to do.

I, and many others, am sick and tired of the lies and invective thrown at these brave folks from people who tell brazen lies about them. Some of the attackers of PP even try to avoid deserved criticism by shamefully hiding behind a Christian banner. Many Christians and others that practice real family values in SD are losing patience with this, which is why the RL6 referendum could go either way.


  1. They completely ignore all of the other services Planned Parenthood provides and that make up the bulk of their business. They provide reproductive health care, std and cancer screening and outpatient minor surgery for things like cervical cancer treatment. Without Planned Parenthood many people without insurance would never be able to get treatment.

    There was a story a few weeks ago of a woman who went to PP for an annual exam and found out she had cervical cancer. She did not have insurance and would have never found out had she not been able to get care at PP. She would not have been able to afford treatment elsewhere either. She went in for outpatient surgery and was confronted by an angry mob of protesters who called her a murder, a slut and then threw red paint all over her. She was going in for cancer treatment.

    Before PP opened up in South Dakota is was almost impossible for younger women to obtain contraception.

  2. The sickest thing about this is people pre-supposing they know anything at all. Some may want to curtail their own rights for their belief and that is fine but the idea that they have the moral superiority to choose for others is gastly.