Tuesday, August 8, 2006

RR has a Good Weekend

Last weekend was just fabulous. There has been so much going on. I've really been enjoying help the Pennington Democrats get their message out, and it is a real thrill being part of a renaissance of political action in South Dakota.

Saturday I helped out the PenDems at the Pride and Diversity Festival down at Old Storybook Island.

Here I am holding down the PenDem booth umbrella (as the wind almost blew me away!), and meeting Jon Hoadley, campaign manager of South Dakotans Against Discrimination. (Remember, although I support the Pennington Dems, my opinions are my own and I speak for no one but me!!)

I also got to finally meet Jennifer Ring, of ACLU of the Dakotas. We can trust her to do right by everyone, no matter what their political persuasion. Okay, I'm a fan, I'll admit it.

Sunday I got to hang out with the Democrats at the Labor Temple where they all gathered a a Meet & Greet hosted by the Democratic candidates, with help from Democracy In Action, and emcee'd by the Hon. Tim Johnson, Democratic U.S. Senator from South Dakota.

L to R: Sen. Johnson, Bloomer, Ratliff, Lena, Hanson, Long Fox, Lena, Nolan, Finch, Spry, Katus, Hemmingsen, Wudtke)

Sen. Johnson said something we need to all think about: the main thing between these excellent candidates and Pierre at this point is money (and, I would add, a lot of other kinds of support too). So I hope you all are thinking about how you can help them!

I have to say I haven't always agreed with Sen. Johnson on everything, but he sure stood tall that day for Democrats. On Sunday he invested a lot of time and effort for our local candidates--that goes a long way for me... so I'm a big fan of his too.

(And I'm not just saying that because he agreed to a quick vanity picture.)

Thanks for coming, Sen. Johnson. You really helped out our energy level and we are going to do our best to send lots of Democrats to Pierre!!

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