Tuesday, July 4, 2006

"Napoli", the verb

I hope Theresa Spry takes note that her opponent in the SD Dist 35 Senate contest is so outrageously ignorant and mean that he inspired a whole new word in our American language.

For anyone that hasn't been following this, here's the transcript of Napoli's comments on national television in the wake of the South Dakota draconian doctor-jailing anti-abortion law, HB1215.

I really wish someone had made this up, really, but Napoli said it. I hope the good voters of Dist 35 make it clear that this kind of talk is way out of bounds for someone elected to represent the best of their intentions.

ps If you want to support Theresa Spry, the Democratic nominee, in her bid for Sen Napoli's seat in the South Dakota legislature, you can easily donate to her campaign at ActBlue.

1 comment:

  1. As if it weren't bad enough that our legislature passed such an irresponsible bill, then Napoli had to go on National television and remove all doubt from the minds of countless Americans what kind of people South Dakotans really are. It's no wonder Presidential candidates don't bother with us yahoos. Not only was I offended by what Napoli said, but I am appalled by what he is doing to South Dakota's image. Not to beat a dead horse while he's been dead for a long time, but it infuriates me how our representatives no longer represent. Does Napoli ACTUALLY BELIEVE that rape can be quantified (and therefore excused, somehow)? Suggesting so just may have been his undoing, because that sure doesn't represent the view of most people I know. I am NOT a yahoo. I am educated, and although I consider myself pro-life, I am not ignorant, nor am I narrow-minded. It's time to put those who represent the majority back in power, and remove those who simply represent ignorance.