Sunday, July 16, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

I went and saw the movie An Inconvenient Truth last night.

I'm still kind of reeling from it, even though I'd read the book.

It's a great movie.

I urge you to go and see this movie, and take your friends. This is especially important if you live in the Black Hills, because without viewers the movie won't be here long. This story is a fascinating scientific detective story, but also a message of warning (and hope)--probably the most important message of our generation. The future of our species is at stake here.

Take your (middle school and older) kids too. This is a story that will most likely be an important part of their lives.

Although the movie is really about a scientific discoveries and not really about politics, there is some politics in the movie. First, there is a bit about the personal story of Al Gore and how he has moved through his career, related as a backdrop to his understanding of global warming issues. And there is another political thing about the movie--it illustrates the opportunities and dangers allowing (or not allowing) science to inform our political ideas-- in America, this is critical as political will drives everything through our wonderful engine of democracy. No matter your political persuasion, you must see this movie.

The movie is playing at the Carmike 10--- see showtimes.

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  1. Well said! I sent out an email to pretty much everyone I know after seeing this film, and I wrote:

    "Regardless of what your political feelings are about
    Mr. Gore, he makes the point in this film several times: Global warming is not a political issue. It is a moral issue. And if you are not sure whether global warming is real problem or merely a theoretical idea, well, that is talked about in the movie as well. So, even if you STILL love the current President, or if
    you are a die-hard Republican and the sight of a donkey makes you break out into hives, just get over it for two hours and take in what Mr. Gore has to say, not as a former VP or politician, but as a man who is deeply concerned about the future of our world."

    Global warming is real, and it makes so many of the other issues we bicker about seem so trivial. We The United States) committed to, and succeeded at putting human beings on the moon in just 8 years. Surely we have the resources, the know-how, and the technology to save ourselves. But first we must acknowledge that we're in trouble here, that WE'RE responsible, and we're making it worse. The debate's over.