Sunday, June 25, 2006

The "compassionate conservatives" speak

At the GOP convention this weekend, they have been really playing to the "base":
Republican State Convention delegates passed a resolution urging voters to approve the abortion ban. (...)

Most of the debate Friday dealt with a proposed amendment that would have added language acknowledging that some "people of good conscience of both major parties" may take issue with some aspects of the abortion ban.
Pretty radical stuff!
"We may need to acknowledge there are some decent people in the middle," [GOP delegate and amendment author] Douglas Kephart said.
And of course the delegates generally responded with typical even handed-ness:
The delegates rejected Kephart's proposal by an 85 percent to 15 percent margin.
So much for the Republican "big-tent" theory. I can't wait to see how compassionate and understanding these folks are next Legislative session.

(Update: Since I posted, Kephart publicly reflected on this experience in a must-read op-ed in the RC Weekly News.

Of course they also passed a resolution on Amendment C, the so-called "gay marriage" amendment that is basically another political chit for them. Please work against this amendment--for two reasons: first, it's redundant and a symbolic limiting of rights and secondly, it has the potential to hurt all kinds of families--blasting a big hole in common-law, which protects Moms, kids, and Dads.

It's all about divide and conquer with these people. And I for one am finding it more than little boring. Let's see a real interesting summer and fall as many folks call these people on their pious attitdes and their pathetic attempt at social engineering!!!!


  1. You have a lot of nerve to say that the Right is acting as social engineers when the Left has worked overtime to socially engineer this culture into a circus of death and sexual gluttony. The Right would just like to put things back where they always were before the inmates were given run of the asylum.

  2. I'm amazed at your shock at what the Republicans are planning. Really, I think they'd prefer to shoot abortion doctors at dawn and disembowel homosexuals...but then, they are compassionate. Had a chance to see Falwall open his program for Liberty his statement he said that only radical Christians can save America. In my opinion, South Dakota is "State Number 1" in their program because it's much easier to take over the small states first. Social engineering?
    How about concentration camps and death squads? We haven't seen anything yet. It's just the beginning. Better pray...that they don't get all the seats they want this fall. History is repeating itself at a slower pace. It's a gradulism for which others in history weren't so patient. This crowd doesn't think in terms of this year or next. They think in terms of 50 or 100 years from now. You seriously can fear that long range goal because they're goal is making the US a "radical Christian" nation with religion the basis of power. They may easily succeed without so much as a shot being fired. Homosexuals should be planning to leave as soon as they are aware. It may not be 666 printed on their foreheads, but some other scarlet letter designed to marginalize them further and deny them food, clothing and shelter. The radical Christians have learned from history even as they deny science.
    We might even see the banning of certain teachings in South Dakota schools...and dismantling of scientific research in certain areas. They can come up with a list as long as your arm on what they want to do in the future. They've got all the time in the world to spread their hatred.

  3. B.Ellis has some nerve to mention a circus of death considering what Rumsfield and Cheney have pulled off in the Iraq. Christ never said one word about homesexuality, if that is what he means by sexual gluttony. Actually it is natural state of being as opposed to the close minded hate he and his ilk propogate. He should start with the former head of the Republican party, Ken Mellman if he wants a queer to bash. Even the President he idolizes and worships(is that not a sin)has some allusions to preference for men, he gave his boyfriend an ambassadorship to Poland. The left has never been in "control", and if his party keeps putting things "right" none of us will have a country when they are done. Bob the saddest thing is the leaders of your movement are using your bigotry to entice your support and when they have accomplished their econmic agenda for the bottom 98% of us, they will throw you away like used kleenex.