Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Follow the money

Have you wondered what's REALLY going on in the Episcopal church and other mainline denominations that are facing schism on the issue of homosexuals? Gee, it seems in the case of Episcopal Church anyway, the vocal heterosexist minority is getting a huge amount of money (like a SIGNIFICANT part of their operating budgets) from waaaay outside the Episcopal Church, namely, from the same people that have gifted us with such mouthpiece organizations such as the Washington Times the Heritage Foundation, and the Hoover Institution. Just follow the money, from a revealing report put together by the Diocese of Washington (DC), called, well, Follow the Money.

My take on this is that Mr. Ahmanson and his like minded friends are doing their best, through the application of large amounts of cash, to cause conflict. With the Church is busy arguing about gays, there seems to be no time to speak out on uncomfortable subjects like the brutally low minimum wage, the immorality of regressive taxation, the death penalty, pre-emptive war etc., effectively removing the National Council of Churches and other "liberal" voices from earshot. (As if the mainstream media isn't effectively doing so by giving Rev. Jerry Falwell more air time than the entire rest of Protestantism.)

It makes me ponder how much of the so-called "culture wars" is from folks honestly working through the tremendous changes in our society, and how much may be manufactured by corporate interests that want us divided, and looking the other way while they take our freedom and our money. Hmm.

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