Sunday, March 19, 2006

State Election Info 2006

I have to say Chris Nelson is a good guy, though I wish he didn't advertise himself quite so heavily on the state website. I suppose it goes with the territory since he's up for re-election all the time. He's a Republican but I am a big fan.... my favorite thing about Chris Nelson is the voting machines the State has started buying under his watch:
The beauty of the system, Nelson said, is that the machine itself does not count votes; the optical-scan ballot provides a paper record. "It meshes technology and the integrity of the process," Nelson said.
His office has posted a very helpful website where you can check on who's successfuly registered for what, both with candidates and referendum petitions.

I am also following (and contributed to) a new South Dakota Candidates 2006 Wiki which is keeping up with things too, not just the legal status but some unofficial info too, for example who is circulating petitions or even just talking about it. It will be fun to see how that page evolves over the next few months! (What's a wiki?)


  1. Does anyone have the date for the mayoral election in SF? I heard April?
    Will there be anything on the primary vote in June other than the party primary votes? I am assuming not but good to ask? Anything else that will be done outside of the Nov election day? I think people are going to get confused with at least 3 voting days and what is when...

  2. April 11.

    This is on the Sioux falls website.

    If anyone finds more information, please, add to the
    SD Election Wiki. Maybe it needs a little calendar section...

  3. anna17:54

    The primaries are June 6. So far as I know, there are no other elections on the same day. However, in some cases this primary election will be more important than the general election - for example, Stan Adelstein has a right-wingnut opponent in the primary, and Brock Greenfield has a moderate opponent in his primary.