Friday, March 3, 2006

Rally on March 9, noon

Concerned about the fate of women's lives in South Dakota? Here's your chance to be heard--at the same time as people all around the country speak in solidarity with us. I think it would be really great if an outrageous number of people show up to this rally, speaking with compassion and truth that this law is a wrong, immoral, and ineffective way to stop abortions.

I do hope we can all focus on these sanctimonious, Savanarolist legislators and governor -- not at those who are simply pro-life. (I honestly categorize myself as pro-life-- but not in the narrow way many define it, since I'm solidly anti-death penalty and pro- end-of-life choices, too....)

If you need any more incentive to go, read read this op-ed published in the Journal today by Sherry Bea Smith, it expresses so well the point of a conversation my wife and I had: this isn't even about abortion as much as the arrogance of the legislators that voted for 1215.

Solidarity Rally
Where: Federal Courthouse, 9th and St. Joe (519 Ninth Street)
When: Thursday, March 9, 2006, noon.
Who: Anybody angry about South Dakota's abortion ban
Sponsored by: Planned Parenthood

I'll see you down by the Courthouse next Thursday at noon!!

Download this flyer to spread the word.

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