Friday, March 24, 2006

Petition to recall 1215 is on

South Dakota Healthy Families has set up their website and the 1215 recall petition is off to the races. Some charming christians™ were there at St Joseph and Mt Rushmore Road outside the Radisson this morning with a HUGE gory picture—Yuck on so many levels.

Being the irony of this part of the world is a subtitle to my blog, I have to add this, a "Purity Ball" -- you know, chastity rings and all -- is being held tonight at the same place -- Canyon Lake Senior Center -- where Planned Parenthood was going to have their Rapid City press conference... but they moved it, so they narrowly missed that ironic opportunity.

Anyway, you can support this effort in many ways. Don't be shy, this is important. I think it would be cool if the minimum number of signatures is met in record time.

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