Saturday, March 25, 2006

Missouri is suffering too

I'm trying to emphasize Rapid City politics here, but I just had to share this...

My father is a wise Adlai Stevenson Democrat who lives in Missouri. That is, he is one of those weird people that holds the radical opinion that knowledge and intelligence are key qualifications for political leadership. (Hard times for those of us that think that way, or even think!) It must be driving him nuts that Hillary is embracing flag-protection law while McCain is publicly supporting Intelligent Design, like they are racing to attract the "dumb vote." But I digress.

This morning my dear father sent me this wonderful column by Bill Tammeus, religion reporter for the Kansas City Star, responding to the ignorance and arrogance displayed recently by the Missouri House with a essentially Christo-fascist nonbinding resolution. First Amendment? We don't need no stankin' First Amendment. I found this SOOO relevant to why we need to replace our Leges:
People of faith who really care about the health and spread of their religion should be working hard to keep the government out of it, except as a guarantor of religious freedom. Government should worry about public education, roads, civil rights and on and on. We people of faith will worry about religion.

Let's all say a prayer for our brothers and sisters in Missouri. Carry on, soldiers!

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