Saturday, February 25, 2006

Here we are!

I have started this blog because the activities of the South Dakota legislature have absolutely pushed me over the edge and I wanted to at least say something about it. Both my wife and I are planning to become more politically active than we have.

I am proud that a group of Senators from our area (Adelstein, McCracken, Duniphan,
see the list) voted against HB1215, which to me fails the Christian test of (a) respecting the dignity of every person and (b) compassion. Good for them. Too bad they are Republicans or I'd be supporting them!!

Anyway watch this space, hopefully I'll be able to add something besides the links. Feel free to come by and rant.


  1. I got you bud! thanks for your support, and you got mine! lets keep in touch!!!

  2. Yes. The ranting is always a good idea. But, instead of ranting, how about a giant barbeque? Or, even better, a trip to the confectionary store. Now that's a great afternoon!

  3. I'm looking forward to reading more!

  4. Welcome RR! There are a lot more western SD liberals and progressives. Glad you are here. I'm bookmarking your blog and forwarding your blog address to others. Again, glad to see you.

  5. Anonymous14:15

    Interesting interpretation of Christian... respecting the dignity of all except babies and compassion for the unborn shown by killing them.

    Liberals can find a "fundamental right" to abortion in a constitution with no mention of it, so I suppose you're now going to point me to a Bible passage where the same right exists...

  6. This is not a liberal/conservative issue, and I am sick of it being painted that way.

    What our lawmakers did was extreme and wrong, with very little compassion for the post-born. OK, I get it, abortion is a serious decision, but if the extremists supported sex ed, birth control, and WIC, and opposed the death penalty, then I'd be more supportive. Sorry.