Monday, February 21, 2022

Why leave South Dakota #8

Wouldn't it be nice to have a state government that isn't so incompetent that they spend a huge amount of money for an absolutely pathetic digital assistant for the state's web page. Think of the actual web content $1.6 M could have bought to get what we need from the state. Digital assistants are a 1990s idea that has never worked - remember Clippy?

Don’t Shoot Fez, the 1.6-Million-Dollar Robot Pheasant—He’s from the Government, and He’s Here to Help  (Dakota Free Press 2022-02-20)

Of course like the nationally mocked Meth-We're On It campaign, this work was done by an out of state operation whose owners no doubt are being courted for a hefty Noem 2024 contribution. They certainly weren't picked for their superior technology ideas.

Searching for another state where the government operates with more ... minimal competence.

(graphic captured from from Dakota Free Press)

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